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Singing Bird Studios

Singing Bird Rehearsal & Recording Studio now operates from an amazing facility located in Frankston in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The Recording studio boasts a large and comfortable control room as well as a large recording space and various isolation rooms, the studio allows artists to perform together while having all their instruments separated for perfect isolation. Running Pro Tools 11 software and plugins as well as an impressive collection of microphones and outboard gear our studio is able to capture your sound with pristine audio quality and precision.

Andy Simpson is the owner and head engineer at Singing Bird Studio, Andy has been in the industry for 15 years and has worked predominantly with Rock and roll, Heavy Rock, Blues, Funk, Folk, Pop, Hip Hop and Metal bands but is more than willing and capable to work with any style of music. Andy’s approach to music is not a “fix it in the mix” approach; with a preference for great source sounds and great performances it’s all about capturing the moment! Andy has built the new Studio in Franskton from the ground up to his own specifications creating an atmosphere for recording that is relaxed and inviting with a focus on the artist.

The Studio is Available for all kinds of audio production work including voice-overs, jingles, Mastering and full bands recording demos, singles, EP's and Albums.


Singing Bird Rehearsal Studio in Frankston features 7 rehearsal rooms, CLICK HERE for more info about our rehearsal rooms. 

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