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Singing Bird Rehearsal Studios - 3/3 New Street Frankston.














Rehearsals are in 5 hour blocks.

Large Room (x2) with Aircon - 30 Square meter large rehearsal rooms - $80

Standard Room (x2) - 20 Square meter standard size rehearsal rooms - $70

Record your rehearsal in our purpose built recording studio - $200 (Includes sound engineer)

Book a room out for a week or a month! Leave your gear setup - From $200 a week.

Backline Hire

We have a truck load of backline gear, all good quality, we don't muck around with crap gear.

Various kits all good quality (Pearl, TAMA etc) - $15 per session ($20 with cymbals)

Bass Amp with Cab - $15 per session

Various Guitar Amps (Head and Cab) - $15 per session

Various Guitar Combos - $10

Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab only - $10 per session

Hiwatt 2x12 100watt Cab - $10 per session


Full backline set up in your room from $30 per session - please enquire for specific rate for your session needs.


Gear Storage


Lockable storage units, $20 per week.

call Stu on 0408 568 438 or email


Opening Hours

Monday to Friday - 12pm - 11pm

Weekends by appointment.

The Recording Studio is open by appointment.

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