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Here at Singing Bird Studios we are now offering a live streaming and video recording service. As a response to the changing environment in the music industry we have been exploring and researching the world of live streaming of music performances as well as spoken word, training seminars and conferences. We have developed a high quality live streaming service and team that encompasses audio professionals and video professionals, we can provide all the equipment and staff to deliver a professional product every time. We have a performance space at our studios in Frankston or we can come to you / your venue. See our packages below:


BASIC LIVE STREAM - One camera, one operator Live Stream service, this would be used in a situation where there is no complex audio mixing required like one person playing an acoustic guitar and singing or basic speech / conference.  Starting at $100 an hour.

TWO CAMERA WITH MIXED AUDIO - More complex / involved live stream that would include mixing of audio to be synced up with the video in real time, like a live gig / band. Starting at $200 an hour

THREE CAMERA WITH MIXED AUDIO - Complex live stream with two camera operators, and audio engineer, can be used for live gigs or corporate events. Starting at $300 an hour.

VIDEO CLIPS - PRE RECORDED - We can also record your event to be edited and played back later for a more professional product, this is not a streaming service, includes video clips for bands and musicians. Please get in touch for a quote.

We also have a whole stock of additional hire equipment to make your event look and sound more professional such as PA Systems and Lighting, just let is know when you get in touch and we can add it to the quote.

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