Singing Bird Recording Studio is $460 per day for an 8 hour day including an engineer  - Rates can be negotiated depending on the size of the project and package deals are available. (See packages below)

We can also do longer days, 10 hours is $550 and a 12 hour block out is $650 (includes Engineer)

Freelance rate is $250 per day (8 hour day)

Evening pre production deal including gear hire (drums, amps, cymbals ect) - 6pm - 10pm - $250

 The hourly rate is $70. With a minimum of 2 hours booking

We can also customize deals and rates to suit your project, contact us on the contact page to discuss your project!



The EP Deal. - $1750

5 Days recording, mixing and mastering in our Frankston studios for $1750, this is an exceptional deal, you wont find a better deal for a studio of this size and capability. We are very flexible so although we work to an 8 hour day we wont be watching the clock if we go a little over, at our studio its all about creating a comfortable vibe and getting into the right headspace to create amazing results!! Booking is subject to availability, fill out the form with your preferred dates below:


The Album Deal. (Budget) - $3250

10 Days Recording Mixing and Mastering at our beautiful Frankston studios for $3250, this is the album deal for the budget conscious band that wants to get great professional results for an affordable price, this gives us 5 days to spend tracking all the instruments then 5 days for editing, mixing and mastering, getting an album done in this time frame is tight but very possible, great for bands that are well rehearsaed and have all the material written.


The PREMIUM Album Deal. - $5000

Now this is where we great serious!! This deal is for the serious bands that have a bit of a budget and want to get great value for money and seriously professional results, this deal gives you 15 days in the studio, same as the above but with 5 extra days, it allows more time to let the creative juices flow and get that perfect mix, all this for $5000.