Singing Bird Recording Studio is $500 per day for an 8 hour day including an engineer  - Rates can be negotiated depending on the size of the project and package deals are available. (See packages below)

We can also do longer days, 10 hours is $600 and a 12 hour block out is $700 (includes Engineer)

Freelance rate is $300 per day (8 hour day)

Evening pre production deal including gear hire (drums, amps, cymbals ect) - 6pm - 10pm - $250

 The hourly rate is $80. With a minimum of 2 hours booking

We can also customize deals and rates to suit your project, contact us on the contact page to discuss your project!



The EP Deal. - $2000

5 Days recording, mixing and mastering in our Frankston studios for $2000, this is an exceptional deal, you wont find a better deal for a studio of this size and capability. We are very flexible so although we work to an 8 hour day we wont be watching the clock if we go a little over, at our studio its all about creating a comfortable vibe and getting into the right headspace to create amazing results!! Booking is subject to availability.