Flexible Training Program

Here at SB studio we have come up with a program that we would like to offer to aspiring Sound Engineers, either as an alternative to traditional classroom learning or as an accompaniment, we are launching a flexible training program so that Sound Engineers looking for a leg up in the industry can gain real world experience in a working recording studio learning from real world Sound Engineers and forging a space for themselves in a competitive industry.


Our program is designed for people who already have some experience in Sound engineering, either recording their own projects or through other forms of study and experience and are looking to take the next step into running their own sessions in a commercial studio.


Andy Simpson, the owner and operator of Singing Bird Studio has designed this program in order to offer the industry a solution to a need that is rarely being met. Some aspiring engineers would like to fast track their way towards working in a commercial capacity. Andy's personal experience was just that, he spent many years looking for creative ways to enter the industry until he forged his own why through networking with different studios and creating opportunities for himself to hone his craft.


Now that he has his own studio Andy would like to streamline this process and offer a program where Engineers can hone their craft right here at Singing Bird Studios, gaining instruction, experience and the opportunity to record real world artists under real world pressures and conditions.


How does it work??


If you are selected (places will be limited) you will have access to the following:

* Unlimited number of studio sit in sessions (dependent on availability), this is where you can sit in and observe Andy or one of our other experienced engineers working on commercial sessions.

* 40 hours of studio and training time where you are running the show, tell us what it is you would like to work on? maybe you would like to learn more about micing techniques or maybe you would like to hone your mixing skills with Andy on hand to instruct and guide you.

* Studio Orientation session where we will show you exactly how our studio works! Which wires go where, patch bays, outboard gear ect!!

* Certificate of completion, once you have completed the above you will be issued with a Certificate of completion and an outcome report where Andy will give you feedback on your Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities!


What does it Cost?


As this is a pretty intensive program it is not something that we can offer for free (Although we would love to!) But we can offer a range of different options to make it accessible for most people. The program is basically one on one instruction, so you have Andy on hand to guide you all the way!


1. Pay up front $1200, in this instance we will help you to arrange to have bands and artists available (if required) for your 40 hours of studio time or you can arrange to have someone you know come in and record with you (or even your own band!).


2. Pay only $150 up front to secure your spot and then when you need to book in your 40 hours studio time you can pay the rate of $30 per hour, you can even ask the artist you are recording to pay for this cost as its a really cheap way to access a studio for the artist. If you are more confident and experienced you can ask the artist to pay a higher rate so that you can be reimbursed for your time and begin to generate an income! Under this option you will need to source the artists yourself.


What else do you  need to know?


·         You can start at any time! No semesters or an other specified dates.

·         You can extend the program if you would like more time for instruction and recording. (At an agreed cost)

·         Andy can tailor the instruction to your specific needs, want to learn live sound as well?? Just let us know and we can tailor some instruction to your needs.

·         This is a private training program, it is not an accredited course and therefore does not have a course of study with text books and other training material or an accredited qualification on completion, we will suggest a range of different text books that we love and are happy to endorse but it will be up to you to purchase and study in your own time.


Please get in touch with us via email to discuss your interest in this opportunity.


Andy Simpson

Singing Bird Studio